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T3 March forward to become Leader in Broadband Market Introduce New Modern Technology to Thailand

T3 March forward to become Leader in Broadband Market
Introduce New Modern Technology to Thailand

During this period of time we cannot refuse that we have stepped into Advanced Technology Age with smart technologies. We have completely entered into Digital Age. With technology interconnecting this world, T3 Technology, a telecommunication company with advanced technology, is ready to develop products and services continuously for our valued customers. We have great vision and our CEO, Mr.Leo Yu, is extremely capable and experienced in telecommunication industry with over 13 years experience in Thailand and abroad. We also have many business allies such as True, AIS, 3BB, TOT, CAT etc..


T3 Technology Company was established from cooperation of allies in Thailand. The objective is to emphasize on telecommunication business and to become the technology leader in Broadband System by improving and offer solutions. T3 is also producer of advanced technology Broadband products in Thailand, therefore, T3 is a new and interesting company. T3 was established and opened Head Office in Thailand in 2018. In 2019, subsidiaries were also established in Indonesia and Pakistan. This year, Service Center is setup in Bangkok. Moreover, the Company plans to open subsidiaries in Vietnam and Malaysia 2 Branches soon.



T3 engages in business with vision to become high technology leader and reliable ally in telecommunication industry. There are 3 missions: 1) Buildup professional R&D Team with knowledge and ability to introduce advanced technology to Thailand. 2) Buildup Brand to become well known Thailand Brand with modern technology in the World 3) Introduce modern advanced efficient technology to produce valued goods to Thailand. At the same time deliver technology and export products worldwide starting from South East Asia.

Currently, T3 has customers who telecommunication companies such as True, AIS, 3BB, TOT, CAT as well as organizations and government agencies, who entrust T3 to oversee and find telecommunication solutions. T3 is also an all around service provider with many customers such as genius freezers of CP Freshmart and CP genius farms. The other important customer group of T3 is over 1 million members who are using T3 products, such as True Gigatex users and AIS Wifi6. T3 is attentive to every customer who uses T3 products by providing training to entrepreneur teams and responses quickly to every customer problem. T3 has special teamwork to provide service, inspect and follow-up on customers’ problems, so as to consider and solve their problems soonest. T3 also has after sales Service Center for our customers. We are the first and only Company to reach out and listen to customers’ opinion. As we firmly believe that our determination and sincerity in our services will boost customers’ confidence. This is the most outstanding point of T3 as compared to local companies or other companies worldwide.



Today, the market demand in telecommunication industry especially Broadband areas is expanding rapidly. Frankly speaking, the market has expanded substantially as compared to last year, due to Covid-19 Pandemic situation. Many people have to Work from Home. The Broadband is one of main factors to work at home. T3 is always concerned that we must deliver quality and valued goods to our customers, as well as sincere and excellent services. Now, T3 has more than 1 million customers for Broadband market, the No.1 leader in Thailand.

And this Year, T3 will launch products in retail market of Thailand, in order to provide most valuable and efficient products to every precious customer.

Products are Wifi6, 5G and Wifi TV under T3 Brand Name. At the same time, T3 is keen to cooperate with entrepreneurs in Thailand to launch new products. “ We will invest and develop our products consistently and retain our No.1 leadership status in Broadband Market” Mr.Leo Yu, CEO of T3 mentioned at the end.

Interview Video Clip of Mr. Leo Yu , CEO of T3 Technology