Plus Property unveils business plan for 2022, taking aim at expanding property management business Recent ISO 41001:2018

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PLUS unveils its plan for 2022, aiming to seize opportunities generated by successful work results that enabled projects under its care to weather multiple waves of COVID-19. Focus is now directed toward the property management business, where the ratio of luxury projects is set to increase. Acquisition of new management contracts will continue, with the target being to expand the portfolio to 300 projects and push income to grow by 15%, to 1.2 billion baht. The company is highlighting its advantage of employing the same standards as the global community, while striving to create leverage points by outperforming the general standards in the property services market. The full scope of operations is being elevated toward the global standard – the company most recently became certified under the ISO 41001:2018 standard, which centres on the management of physical resources and amenities within a property project. The standard is in keeping with PLUS’s intention to deliver a good quality of life for clients.

Plus Property
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Mr. Anukul Ratpitaksanti, managing director of Plus Property, the full-service professional property and facility management agency, revealed that PLUS’s operational plan for 2022 involves reinforcing robustness in all business categories. Asset management and property management are part of the said categories. According to Mr. Anukul, PLUS had great success in the residential properties management business over the past year despite the COVID-19 situation having negatively impacted the overall economy. Warm responses and compliments were also received from clients over PLUS’s special measures employed during each wave of Covid outbreaks. Convenience was facilitated for and care was given to some 80,000 families of residents, who were able to coexist safely throughout the Covid waves. One of PLUS’s advantages is its possession of expertise spanning more than 25 years in the business; it is experienced in servicing property projects at all price points, from general projects to super luxury projects. This year, PLUS has an operational plan that focuses on generating income primarily from this business group. For managed residential projects, the ratio of luxury-level projects is set to be increased. The company will be highlighting its advantages of meeting global standards and offering customised service. The work of its juristic person management teams complies to global standards while special services are custom-designed for individual property projects in order to respond to or exceed the unique requirements at each project. The facility management service for commercial properties is another of PLUS’s highlight businesses. Large buildings owned by banking and investment firms, hospital businesses, educational institutes and community malls are among the facilities that PLUS looks after professionally. PLUS partners with building owners to elevate standards at the buildings, while keeping its sights set on a goal shared with each owner.

PLUS leverages the following 6 areas of expertise as part of tactics it employs for property management: 1. Expertise in work systems that conform to global standards. A complete range of standards is applied to all dimensions of work. The Fitwel 3-star standard is focused on the health of building occupants. The ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality management systems guarantees PLUS’s service quality, and the more recent ISO 41001:2018 standard ensures that the management system for facility management functions and amenities at residential projects is optimal and buildings are efficiently looked after. This year, PLUS remains committed to elevating standards in other aspects of its work in order to earn additional global-level quality certifications. This is to assure client residents and building users of PLUS’s comprehensive expertise, deliver a service that responds to all aspects of client requirements and promote the quality of life of building users. 2. Expertise in safety. PLUS engages partners in training alliances and in the selection of quality security guards. Another layer of security is provided by oversight from the Sansiri Security Inspection (SSI) team of instructors from headquarters who inspect security work and deliver additional safety-related training to security guards at each property project. The SSI team ensures that safety standards are upheld. 3. Expertise in service. The PLUS Eduplex in-house institute upskills and reskills personnel so they possess skills and capacities that are service-ready and are able to deliver work professionally and in keeping with the designated standards. Special curricula are designed to transform personnel to possess cross-functional skills so their capacities to service clients would become unrestricted. Furthermore, internal audit teams are regularly dispatched to property management sites to check on the work. 4. Expertise in physical features and building systems engineering. This is reflected in the availability of support from a central team of engineers and mechanics who are proficient in building systems engineering inspection. Meanwhile, on-site teams make use of preventive maintenance to extend the lives of machinery, engage in corrective maintenance to quickly address malfunctioning systems and make improvements to the building systems and physical features at each project. The visual attractiveness of each project is kept undiminished, properties retain their value and costs are effectively controlled. 5. Expertise in building liveable and attractive communities. Rules are upheld, measures to look after and facilitate convenience for clients are implemented and relevant affairs are coordinated. All aspects relevant to living at the residential project are accounted for and situations are properly managed as they arise. An example is the set of measures for handling COVID-19 and home isolation. Furthermore, activities are organised for residents and occupants within a residential project with the purpose being to promote a good living experience. 6. Expertise in innovation and technology. The central LIV-24 command centre integrates AI and IoT technologies and puts them at the disposal of specialists who provide 24-hour and real-time security oversight for property projects. A mobile application for living needs gives client residents convenience and also provides them with a contact channel.

“Condominium and housing estate types of residential projects are still experiencing growth and new projects are continually being launched. PLUS sees opportunities in this business. 2022 will thus be a year where PLUS focuses on increasing the ratio of income from the property management business group, for which PLUS is proficient in. This is due to experience managing residential projects at all price levels, being among Thailand’s top 3 companies employing global level standards, and readiness to manage projects and make adjustments to handle all situations. Despite the emergence of the Covid crisis, PLUS remains trusted by clients who have been extending their contracts and continues to be contacted by new projects. This makes PLUS confident that it can achieve success in accordance with the 15% growth target,” said Mr. Anukul.

Plus Property currently manages about 270 residential projects that together account for 13 million square metres of space. For more information about services, please visit or call 02-688-7555.