MobilTM Launches High Performance Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series Hydraulic Oils

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MobilTM Launches High Performance Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series Hydraulic Oils

Anti-wear hydraulic oils with better protection and extended oil life capabilities

  • 2-time longer oil life, reducing hydraulic oil consumption
  • 72% better wear protection for extending the component life
  • 89% better deposit control for maintaining precision operations

In a photo from left to right: Mr. Somboon Sorasetsakul – Industrial Lubricants Manager, Ms. Pajaree Meekangvan – Thailand Lubricants Sales Manager and Mr. Siri Laotanapat – Field Engineering Services Manager


Bangkok: Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited, supplier of the world’s leading fuels and finished lubricants under the Esso and Mobil brands, launched Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series, high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils with extended oil life capabilities up to 2 times1 longer oil life resulted in lower maintenance frequency which make the site safer by minimizing man-machine interaction. In addition, it would also support environmental care by reduction in hydraulic oil consumption.


Ms. Pajaree Meekangvan, Thailand Lubricants Sales Manager said “Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series met the most rigorous performance requirements of a wide range of hydraulic system and component manufacturers, allowing use of a single product with excellent performance characteristics such as improved deposit control of 89.2%2 for precision operations and superior wear protection up to 72%3.”


With Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series, Thai entrepreneurs and manufacturers now have a new technology developed to deliver trusted performance and extended component life, with reduced maintenance costs and system wear.


Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series Oils are now available at Mobil product dealers nationwide.


1 versus similar competitor oils (ISO 11158 L-HM or DIN 51524-2 claim) in test rig conditions

2 versus maximum limit of ASTM D 6158 by ASTM D 2070 method

3 versus maximum limit of motor wear in Bosch Rexroth RFT APU CL test