HUAWEI CLOUD AI Open Day Thailand: Exploring the Asia Pacific Market

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HUAWEI CLOUD AI Open Day Thailand was kicked off in Bangkok on January 28, 2019. During the five-day event, HUAWEI CLOUD is sharing its achievements of technologies, products, and solutions in the cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) fields, and showcasing the application cases of HUAWEI CLOUD AI in industries and scenarios such as transportation, logistics, campus, and retail. Huawei also discusses on industry trends and development opportunities of Intelligent Thailand with local enterprises, experts, and industry leaders.

Dr. Pichet Durongkaveroj (4th left), Minister of Digital Economy and Society, Thailand, attends the HUAWEI CLOUD AI Open Day.

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) led by Mr. James Wu (3rd left), President, Huawei SEA; Mr. Soler Sun (2nd right), Deputy Managing Director, Huawei Thailand (HUAWEI CLOUD) and Mr. Tanin Noirungsee (5th left), Chief Technology Officer, Huawei Thailand (HUAWEI CLOUD) welcomed Dr. Pichet Durongkaveroj (4th left), Minister of Digital Economy and Society and Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin (3rd right), President, Digital Economy Promotion Agency (Depa), during the “Huawei Cloud AI Open Day Thailand 2019”. The 5-day event until February 1 exhibits innovations and technologies empowered by Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for different industries.

Developing digital economy is an important strategy to drive economic transformation in Thailand. The benefits of digitization will be gradually extended to various sectors, helping enterprises reduce costs and upgrade their services. The goal of HUAWEI CLOUD is aligned with the vision of Thailand’s digital economy. Dr. Pichet Durongkaveroj showed great interest in HUAWEI CLOUD EI (Enterprise Intelligence) at the event. Based on Huawei’s AI technologies, HUAWEI CLOUD EI (Enterprise Intelligence) will promote the digital development of Thai enterprises and create more value for them.

CTO of HUAWEI CLOUD Thailand is presenting the HUAWEI CLOUD Thai OCR service to the minister.

Sharing AI Practice Experiences in China to Support the Thailand 4.0 Strategy
HUAWEI CLOUD Thailand Region was officially launched last September. This is not only a milestone in the global deployment process of HUAWEI CLOUD, but also an important step in enabling Thailand digitization to achieve the Thailand 4.0 strategy.
To provide practical experience and reference cases for Thai enterprises, HUAWEI CLOUD, together with partners, focuses on AI at the event and shares industry-leading joint intelligent innovation achievements of EI in various industries, such as transportation, logistics, Internet, and

Transportation: AI algorithms enable flexible traffic signal timing. Signal timing optimization and automatic time slot division speed up the traffic at the pilot project in Bantian, Shenzhen.

The Shenzhen Traffic Police Department of China adopted HUAWEI CLOUD EI Transportation Intelligent Twins. In collaboration with cameras and sensors installed at intersections, the signal light control system collects information such as the number of vehicles in the entire area, their running tracks, and emergencies in real time, compares the situations of several intersections, and controls the traffic lights in real time after comprehensive consideration. This process optimizes the traffic situation in the entire area. The innovative intelligent transportation is rapidly achieved in this way. The solution ensures accurate law enforcement and improves the travel experience of citizens.


Logistics: Violent sorting behaviors in the express industry have been widely criticized, which not only hurt consumers’ rights and interests, but also cause damage compensation to enterprises. HUAWEI CLOUD AI intelligent analysis service can analyze behaviors in surveillance videos in real time, and automatically identify violent behaviors such as throw, push, and kick during the picking process. Then it can automatically output the information about the image clip, time, and location of violent sorting. In complex scenarios involving multiple vehicles and persons, this considerably reduces manual monitoring costs and effectively reduces the occurrence of violent sorting to ensure that the parcels arriving at the recipients are intact.
Logistics Company uses HUAWEI CLOUD OCR as a substitute for traditional manual recording and recognition of waybills. HUAWEI CLOUD OCR extracts key information from images efficiently and accurately, constructs a data warehouse, and provides quick scanning and receiving, helping them improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Internet: HUAWEI CLOUD has helped China’s leading photo library owner Tukuchina to build a surveillance chain for image copyright protection, effectively protecting intellectual property rights. The AI image search technology can be used to analyze the image content and check whether the image is modified to ensure quick detection of violations and protect the rights of artists.
In the Internet video scenario, Huawei has industry-leading encoding technologies, such as perceptual encoding and proprietary protocols, able to deliver optimal user experience for live streaming and VOD services. In the codecs comparison held by the Moscow State University in 2018, Huawei’s HW265 software codec was ranked No. 1 in video signal structural similarity (SSIM) and video multimethod assessment fusion (VMAF).

Retail: In the center of the exhibition area, smart retail has been attracting many visitors. This solution provides a smart store solution that uses self-service checkout machines without cashiers involved. There is no any manual intervention in the entire shopping process inside the store. AI automatically recognizes commodity information and face to finish payment. It is easy, efficient, accurate, and smooth.

In addition to these industries, HUAWEI CLOUD also shares its achievements in deploying smart airport, smart agriculture, smart manufacturing, IoT, blockchain and video solutions, to comprehensively demonstrate how HUAWEI CLOUD EI is applied in building an intelligent world of everything.

HUAWEI Full-Stack AI

In the past year, HUAWEI CLOUD EI has explored intelligence in more than 200 projects across eight industries, mining more implementation scenarios and making breakthroughs in AI capabilities. These cases and practices can be used as a smart model for global enterprises to apply AI in scenarios such as transportation, industry, Internet, healthcare, logistics, and education. Through the AI Open Day in Thailand, HUAWEI CLOUD will continuously copy Huawei’s successful experience across the world to create value for customers and partners in various industries worldwide.

Building a global digital ecosystem in enterprise markets
Since its establishment in 2017, HUAWEI CLOUD has been seeking a balanced development in the global market. HUAWEI CLOUD regions in Thailand, Hong Kong, Russia, and South Africa were launched in 2018, and the services of the nodes in Paris and Singapore have also been rolled out synchronously. As the global strategy of HUAWEI CLOUD has entered a new stage, increasing the recognition of its AI technologies in enterprise markets is important for HUAWEI CLOUD to explore a wider global market. The Open Day is undoubtedly an ideal choice to showcase HUAWEI CLOUD’s technical expertise and product strength.

Edward Deng, President of Huawei Cloud Global Market at Exhibition Hall of HUAWEI CLOUD Thailand AI Open Day

As Edward Deng pointed that based on Huawei’s genes, HUAWEI CLOUD is dedicated to sharing Huawei’s 30 years of ICT technical expertise and service experience in more than 170 countries and regions, and providing advanced solutions including industry-leading full-stack cloud, big data, and AI technologies for enterprises worldwide, to better help them address the challenges in digital transformation. By the end of 2018, HUAWEI CLOUD has launched more than 160 cloud services and solutions covering over 140 industrial scenarios such as manufacturing, e-commerce, gaming, finance, and Internet of Vehicles (IoV). Now there are 1500 new applications available in the cloud marketplace.

Considering the situations in Europe, Latin America, and other regions, HUAWEI CLOUD has developed localized cooperation modes to support local development. It cooperates with operators such as Open Telecom Cloud of Deutsche Telekom, Orange Flexible Engine, and Telefonica Open Cloud to build public clouds for partners. These actions promote the global development of HUAWEI CLOUD and won the recognition in local markets thanks to the brand endorsement of partners.

By continuously focusing on core services and realizing sustainable innovation and iteration of technologies, products, and services, HUAWEI CLOUD is becoming an optimal choice for large enterprises and multinational enterprises. It will continue to drive intelligent upgrades across various sectors and build a global digital ecosystem with a great number of enterprises.

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