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Häfele invites to share innovative ideas of “How to protect from COVID-19”

Häfele invites all people in Thailand to share their innovative ideas of “How to protect from COVID-19” following the theme “YOUR IDEAS, WE SUPPORT”

            Häfele is ready for your innovative ideas regarding “How to protect from COVID-19” by following our theme “YOUR IDEAS, WE SUPPORT”. You can use all kinds of products and potential materials to design helpful protection tools for prevention from COVID-19. Please see more details of this campaign, when registering at www.hafelethailand.com/hafele-fight-covid or follow Häfele news via #hafelefightcovid and #yourideaswesupport

Mr. Volker Hellstern, Managing Director of Häfele (Thailand) Limited said, one of the good things that we found during the COVID-19 crisis is to see many groups coming up with creative and innovative ideas “How to protect from COVID-19” by developing useful new medical protection items by themselves such as face shields, shield standees, protection covers, etc.. The developers from various sectors contacted Häfele by asking for different hardware fittings to support their equipment development, as e.g. Smart Pipe tubes to build protection covers for stretchers which prevents the spread of the virus while moving infected patients developed by the “Council of Engineers”. Students of Uthenthawai campus developed shield standees made of Aluminium frames and joints to use at construction areas for screening the staff and visitors regarding infection signs.

            Seeing these innovative ideas developed by these smart people together to resist the spread of COVID-19 virus, Häfele is very interested in supporting such innovative thinkers by expanding their creative ideas with the “YOUR IDEAS, WE SUPPORT” campaign. Just explain what you would like to develop and which products of Häfele would help you to implement your idea. Please see more details when registering at www.hafelethailand.com/hafele-fight-covid or find useful Hafele products www.hafelethailand.com/download-catalogues

          The Campaign “YOUR IDEAS, WE SUPPORT” is open for registrations from today on. The participant must provide the details of the innovative idea and explain how the final workpiece could prevent the spread of COVID-19 as well as attaching a sketch of the planned workpiece or pictures of the already built workpiece then Häfele will check the idea and the workpiece functionality and will contact you to support you with Häfele products and tools such as hardware, electrical appliances, electronics, etc.

            “The COVID-19 crisis came as a sudden occurrence. Many parties had narrow time only to deal with it. But lucky us to have such smart and creative people in Thailand developing useful protection items just by themselves. The “YOUR IDEAS, WE SUPPORT” campaign shows that people stay even virtual together to share their ideas and support other people and staff in all sectors, this allows us to overcome this crisis together with at the end”, completed Mr. Volker Hellstern. #yourideaswesupport campaign #hafelefightcovid

People who are interested in to participate in the campaign “YOUR IDEAS, WE SUPPORT” and like to share their ideas “How to protect from COVID-19” can register and receive more detail at www.hafelethailand.com/hafele-fight-covid or could follow the Häfele news #hafelefightcovid #yourideaswesupport as well as visiting us at www.hafelethailand.com