dwp | design worldwide partnership creates premium urban design for Quattro by Sansiri residential development

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dwp | design worldwide partnership creates premium urban design for
Quattro by Sansiri residential development


dwp | design worldwide partnership recently saw the launch of their completed luxury designs for the Quattro by
Sansiri residential development project.


World-class architecture and interior design firm dwp | design worldwide partnership created the interiors for the lobbies and facilities of the new luxury urban residential development, by Sansiri. With exacting fidelity to the client’s brief, dwp drew inspiration for the design from the Sansiri motto ‘Living Beyond Expectations’, as well as their intended bold and chic clientele, to innovate a new premium urban living concept, for this prime central Bangkok location.

Quattro, two residential towers, is where contemporary luxury meets with an entirely fresh, modern interpretation. The design concept harmonises dynamics, rhythm and transition, in all of its fluid aesthetics. The sum of the interior design elements invokes
a most modern representation of a contemporary art gallery, where the design aspects are showcased like true objects of art. These exclusive residences reflect an exceptional lifestyle, through cutting-edge design and specifications, with choicely-selected interior elements throughout.


For the epitome of the luxury lifestyle, dwp was asked to create the interior design of the entrance lobby, lobby lounge, mail room, facilities floor, lift car, lift lobby, corridors and public bathrooms. This interiors project also included the furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), as well as props and accessories selection for a gallery aesthetic. dwp sought an extensive use of glass, silk, handcrafted textures, paints and mirrors, coupled with seemingly random-sized material boxes in the feature wall, fulfilling an innovative dynamic. Accent furniture was finished by adding leather textures, in a two-tone colour, with line stitching for added depth and detail.

dwp set about sculpting the lobbies of Quattro towers into a luxurious feel by separating its functions into semi-private areas, including the reception, waiting area and reading lounge, and a community zone. As a first for Sansiri, dwp introduced a place of community gathering, in the form of the Mailroom (pictured left). The Mailrooms in each of the two towers are designed with
glittering pendants and lounge bench seating, to encourage and promote the casual communal gathering of tenants, whilst checking mail. The lobbies themselves are also a stunning welcome with centrally located sculptural piece seating, custom-designed just for this development, in fibreglass. Multiple plasma screens along the decorative walls inject the project with an ultra-modern feel, with IT literally at everyone’s finger tips, in the form of touchscreen technology throughout, including in-room, for maintenance, taxi request, shopping, concierge, and the like. The facilities floor design mimics the rhythm concept represented in the lobby. The dark tone and deep finishes makes the entire area bold and chic, a clear representation of the target buyer.




The design character of Tower A is slightly different from Tower B, yet the underlying concept is to create a rhythmic illusion in the space. In the Tower A lobby, the ceilings are covered with black tinted mirror panels with hidden fibre optic glitter, reminiscent of the sky. Tower B lobby ceilings are finished with light wood veneer and the geometric repetition of black painted shadowed grooves inserted with downlights. The stone flooring in the lobbies of both towers is both unique and refined. The stones were handpicked by dwp, together with the client, well in advance of the project completion, to be a key design feature. Tower A lobbyenjoys Alabescatos, a highly contrastive white marble with flawless black veins, which happens to be quite a rare find, while Tower B lobby uses the traditional, classic Cremafil beige marble, for a warm and welcoming glow. The Alabescatos marble is one of the most valuable elements of the project and has received rave reviews from residents and potential buyers, in addition to the spaciousness of the lobbies and unique conception of the mailrooms. The veneered ceiling adds another dimension to the sophisticated, warm and high-end ambience. The entire look and feel of the project overflows with luxury. Enormous sc ale feature sculptures stand proudly on accent areas within the space, one adorned with copper leaves and another with silver leaves. Both lobbies are evocative and emotional places, with profound meaning. The sculpture at Lobby A was inspired by the dolphin
and Lobby B by the shark. The imagination can run wide here, as life is breathed in every corner. In Lobby B, the over-sized scale frames lined with silk fabric display artistic paintings. These apparently sparkle, when the silk plays with lighting above, which provides a serene elegance. The infinity feature lighting was designed using innovative materials, including one-way mirror with fibre optic lighting and electrical all-day controls.


There are a variety of activity areas, such as the library and internet station, to enhance convenience and cater to the exigent requirements of modern living. The main lobby can be turned into gathering spaces, as in-house guests and their visitors can convene and mingle, intimately or in groups, casually or planned. The meticulous planning of space and flow in the lobby provisions a sense of accomplishment and efficient functioning, yet utmost comfort is the overriding sensation for guests. The attractive design focal point of reception counter is reassuring, welcoming and sophisticated. Care was taken to incorporate
energy-saving and local materials, to both care for the environment and achieve a degree of cost-efficiency. Local materials include stone, fabrics, sculptures and lighting, sourced for their proximity, durability and recyclability. The curtain wall façade also maximises natural light flooding into the interior space. The overall results exceeded client expectations, on all levels from design to budget, to programming.









About dwp | architecture + interior design:

From small, voracious, entrepreneurial beginnings, since 1994, dwp has flourished into an award-winning, one-stop integrated design service, with global reach. Even in the most challenging of locations, over 450 multi-cultural professionals work together to deliver architecture, interior design, planning consultancy and project management, across borders, to the highest international standards. With currently 12 offices in 10 different countries, dwp presents its finest iconic designs time and again.


About Sansiri: 

Sansiri Public Company Limited (Sansiri) was founded in 1984, in Thailand, by the Chutrakul family, initially as a holding company for managing the family’s assets and has since transformed into one of the leading Thailand-based development firms, engaged in the real estate business. The Company is principally engaged in property development with its properties consisting of land and housing projects, residential condominium projects, serviced apartments for rent, and office buildings for rent. Other activities include the provision of building management service and real estate brokerage, and provision of other services, such as hotels, medical spas and the education business.



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