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Meat & Livestock Australia has announced the appointment of Chef Pam- Pichaya Utharntharm, the Bangkok based Thai-Australian Chef renowned for her skills with cooking beef, as the first-ever ambassador to represent True Aussie Beef, the international brand for Australian beef.

The goal for the appointment of Chef Pam as the True Aussie Beef ambassador is to help Thai consumers better understand what makes Australian beef such a high quality, nutritious, and flavourful choice when it comes to selecting beef. Plus, give them some invaluable tips on how to get the best out of cooking with True Aussie Beef.


Australia provides one of the best environments for producing some of the best quality beef available in the world. With an abundance of wide-open spaces, Australian farmers take a more natural and sustainable approach to raise their livestock. Animals roam freely in unspoiled environments and are provided with uncompromising levels of health and welfare, this all translates to a quality product that travels from paddock to plate to provide a quality, nutritious, and flavorful meal.

Chef Pam owns the popular restaurant, Smoked, which serves up grilled, smoked, and roasted beef dishes, she also operates The Table, a one-of-a-kind chef’s table tasting menu experience with premium-grade beef at the core.

Chef Pam- Pichaya Utharntharm, said, “Australian beef has long been my cut of choice when it comes to providing my customers with the best possible product. For me, as a professional Chef, it is important that I know where my beef comes from, what it was fed, and how it was raised, all of this affects the texture and taste of each and every cut. Australian farmers raise their stock in pristine environments and feed them only the best grain and grass. There are so many options available when it comes to True Aussie Beef, there’s a cut for every possible dish, from traditional Thai meals to a simple pan-cooked steak. As a Thai-Australian, I am incredibly proud to be able to represent True Aussie Beef here in Thailand.”


MLA’s Regional Manager for Southeast Asia, Valeska, said, “Chef Pam was an obvious choice for us when it came to appointing someone in Thailand to be the face and voice of True Aussie Beef in the country. Not only is she Thai-Australian, she also owns the renowned restaurant, Smoked, and the popular The Table by Chef Pam, her intimate chef’s table dining experience where the star in her finely crafted dishes is beef. Chef Pam’s incredible knowledge of quality beef means she knows just how important the provenance of each and every cut of beef is to the flavour and taste. We’re honoured to have someone of her calibre represent True Aussie Beef in Thailand.”

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Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (MLA) is the marketing, research and development body for Australia’s red meat and livestock industry. It is a not-for-profit organisation owned by cattle, sheep and goat producers. MLA uses the True Aussie Beef and Lamb brand, to promote Australian red meat in export markets (Internationally), representing Australian beef, veal, lamb, and goat to showcase the value of these products while sharing the True Aussie Beef and Lamb story. For more information about True Aussie Beef please go to