Authentic Thai Set by award-winning chef at Liquid Bar & café, Siri Sathorn Hotel

ฝากข่าว โดย :

“Siri Sathorn” now serves tasty Thai set menu, authentic Thai Set by award winning chef.  Kanin Sinpan, he brings a dynamic, innovative energy to the dining experience at Siri Sathorn Hotel. He got gold awards from TICC :Thailand International Culinary Cup 2017-2018 Classic Thai Cuisine : Individual (Professional)

Our chef puts together highlight dishes for a Thai-style “ sam rub” (set menu)  prepared carefully with prime quality ingredients from all over Thailand with traditional Thai taste and unique recipe.

Mieng Goong Krob with Pork Sago

(Thai salad with prawn, sago Thai dumpling with pork with condiment)

Yum Som-O

(Pomelo salad with chicken)

Po-Taek Kaprow Daeng

(Spicy seafood soup with red basil leafs)

Pad Kouy Teaw Phram

(Fried noodle with red curry and fish in Thai style)

Kao Mao Tod

(Crispy rice with banana)

All above set menu is THB990++ per person with the limit at 5 couples per day. More details are available from Liquid bar & café, Siri Sathorn Hotel on Tel: 02-2662345 or by visiting the website at:  facebook :  or email: [email protected]

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